Chairman Message

Bridging the Future

AFRASEAN is a non-profit international organization with the objective of promoting and creating an enabling environment for economic cooperation and trade between Africa and Asia as a Business Facilitation Network that creates alliances with leading Businesses AFRASEAN aims to facilitate sustainable, inclusive growth through soft diplomacy and creating alliances with business organizations across the regions by creating a nurturing and empowering ecosystem for its members. AFRASEAN commitment is to develop a global community between Africa and Asia in order to explore opportunities and use AFRASEAN as the incubator for innovative industries as a financial and trade hub for commodities and the onward development of multilateral trade and investment relations between the two continents.

AFRASEAN currently has large numbers of companies and cooperatives, including a million members, partnering in Asia, with Indonesia serving as the Regional Office. AFRASEAN is in the process of setting up Regional Offices across Africa and Economic Centres to support the Financing and Trade sectors.

Our commitment to creating the safest possible environment has earned AFRASEAN a reputation for excellence and long-term community relationships. We provide consultation, advisory, legal support, and risk management services to provide the diverse support our members need. Using our considerable expertise in the field of new technology, finance, project management and security, we are able to provide comprehensive and safe solutions across a vast range of circumstances.
With the idea in mind to protect your investments and company assets, we offer custom solutions to existing or potential issues that can exponentially grow out of hand, providing peace of mind to our members and an environment that can be guaranteed for success.

We strongly believe that the tremendous experience, international knowledge, and global network of all AFRASEAN offices can complement and enhance our actions. Our objectives encompass promotion, diplomacy, and fostering cross-border connections with various key international players and organizations. Our main focus is to work closely with a myriad of small and medium enterprises, foundations, states, and international organizations to create a more equitable business and trade environment.

The purpose of AFRASEAN is to use our platform as a venue where business associations from the region can discuss challenges for businesses and identify shared solutions and policy recommendations. With a specific emphasis on improving access to the African market for businesses from the Asian region.

AFRASEAN aims to contribute to the creation of a more enabling environment for the private sector in the region, benefitting overall growth and development. Our AFRASEAN members have signed accreditations to work strategically together, promoting relevant policy issues both within their respective countries and on an international scale.
Our goal is to enhance private sector growth through public-private dialogue, B2B activities, knowledge sharing, business service development, and policy advocacy. This is aimed at improving the general business environment in the region and bolstering commercial links between Asia and Africa.

Afrasean Chairman