Our Team

Founder and Chairman of AFRASEAN


Yoan is a senior advisor specialized in international risk management and business development, assisting politicians, businessmen and CEOs of private companies around the world. He implements geostrategic concepts to help develop new entities and fields in various countries. He is also an investor and CEO who supports several projects in Africa and across Asia in various areas, such as Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Media, Education, and Agriculture.

International Relations and Diplomacy


  • Society & Diplomatic Review
  • New York, USA
Gloria is President and Founder of Society & Diplomatic Review, Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations, Dean of the UN Correspondents Association and countless other lifetime achievements. She has been a long-time society and diplomatic editor of Irish Connections magazine and Irish Examiner newspaper. Before that, she worked alongside Wyatt Cooper as an editor for the Status Diplomat and headed the New York office of Curtis Publishing, encompassing Sat Evening Post, Holiday magazine, and Status magazine. She is a veteran UN Correspondent, society and diplomatic editor of many newspapers, and a correspondent for the Jewish Post newspaper.

International legal practice


  • Founder of IIAG
  • Eastern Europe
Ralph is the founder of IIAG, graduated from the Geneva Law School in 1991, and began his career by gaining experience working alongside Geneva’s Attorney General, Bernard Bertossa. He founded his legal practice, ‘Etude Isenegger’, in 1998, at the age of 31. Etude Isenegger forged a reputation and expertise in the fields of white-collar cases, international criminal law, legal assistance matters, asset recovery and extradition. As a solicitor and barrister, Ralph Oswald Isenegger has been working around Europe and the world. Speaking several languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian) gave him the capacity to extend his practice internationally within different countries and cultures. His knowledge of the Russian language, as well as his ability to navigate within the framework of Russia’s post-Soviet era, made him one of the most famous Western lawyers working for Russian-speaking clients in high-profile cases.


  • International Commercial Practice
  • Japan, USA & North America
Luis Amadeo Hernandez Situ has a long exposure to International Commercial practice in the United States, Japan and Latin America in the areas of foreign investment, corporate compliance, international joint ventures, restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, and large public procurements contracts. He advises multinational companies on cross-border transactions and complex commercial and licensing arrangements. He previously worked in project finance, Private-Public Partnership projects in Latin America, and banking finance from private and multilateral development institutions. He is a multicultural professional with vast experience in mobilizing resources by building partnerships among international constituencies: governments, corporations, trade and professional organizations, NGO's, philanthropic organizations and academia. He holds Doctor from Sophia University and a Master of Arts from Temple University Philadelphia and Harvard University. He speaks English, Spanish, and Japanese.


  • Politician
  • South Africa
Hendrik is a South African politician, a Member of Parliament with the Democratic Alliance, and the Shadow Deputy Minister of Mining. He was born in Klerksdorp, South Africa, and attended schools in Durban, Welkom and Virginia. He holds several law degrees, including a B. Iuri., an LLB from Unisa, an LLM from the University of Johannesburg and a Masters in Philosophy. He has worked for the Department of Justice in the district and regional court as a Public Prosecutor and then as a State Advocate and Senior State Advocate. From 1994 to 1999, he advocated for the Witwatersrand Local Division and has been a member of the Society of Advocates of South Africa since 1994.

International Defence and Security Members


  • Advisor
  • Indonesia
Agus is a retired Inspector General of the Indonesian National Police. He was the first Indonesian National Police representative to serve as Executive Director of ASEANAPOL from 2016 to 2018. He served as a United Nations Civilian Police (UNCIVPOL) in Cambodia (1993), Yugoslavia (1995), and Croatia (1997). Agus experienced in security measures for large-scale riots that occurred in the capital city in 1996, 1998, and 2010 in various positions. He successfully led the Hostage Rescue Operation of 11 Indonesian and 2 Korean citizens in the Asiki area of Merauke, Papua in 2001. He graduated from the Indonesian National Police Academy in 1984 and attended some international courses. After retiring, he started a career in the private sector.


  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Mauritius
Michael is a Cyber Security Consultant. He is specialized in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Crime & Forensic investigation. He is a holder of a BSc Engineering Computer Science from UCT South Africa, MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain from UCAM Spain . He is also a Chartered Engineer from the Institution of Engineering and Technology UK. He has more than 16 years of experience in Cyber Law Enforcement where he worked as Cyber Engineer for Law Enforcement Interpol and Cybercrime Unit. The accomplishments of Michael inter alia include driving the transformation of the company’s Technology business into a global powerhouse digital transformation. He is a believer in the power of technology to accelerate progress in the society.

Regional Directors


  • Head of Indonesia and South East Asia
  • Indonesia
Jay has a wide range of expertise. He is a conductor for The Indonesia Youth Choir and bel canto voice coach, performing art and media specialist, movie actor, social development program designer, facilitator for the organic farming and agriculture community, and internationally certified processor of specialty coffee. He worked with international organization; USAID - John Hopkins University, Catholic Relief Services - Baltimore, Hivos - Netherlands, NOVIB - Netherlands, World Wild Fund - Switzerland, and USC - Canada. He is a member of the South East Asia Popular Communication Program - Kuala Lumpur and the International Human Rights Training Program in Montreal. Jay managed the media center during the 2014 election and organized numerous creative events for President Joko Widodo. He is a member of the expert team for co-branding and nomadic tourism for the Ministry of Tourism.


  • Head of East Africa
  • USA
Jesse A. Jinadasa is a founder and entrepreneur with a strong focus on creating strategic partnerships within the African and Asian markets. He is passionate about creating dynamic synergies that drive business value for his partners, executive teams, and investors. With a background in hospitality management, Jesse excels in international business and investment consulting, project financing and management, and facilitating bilateral negotiations. For the last 5 years, based out of his East Africa office in Nairobi after 9 years in Asia, he has established an investment office deploying creative financing and designing integrated blueprints for economic development in emerging markets. Jesse’s social projects have included fundraising for major NGOs, orphanage projects, organizing medical care for polio victims and victims of AIDs, education programs, and managing healthy living and cancer prevention campaigns.


  • Head of North Africa
  • Tunisia
Alexander has 30 years of entrepreneurial, management, consulting, financial advisory, training and NGO service experience in the US, Europe, the Middle East, some Arab Gulf states and in emerging markets. He got his master’s degree in engineering and postgraduate studies in Business Administration and Management from the US. He was a Founding member of the Gulf Excellence Forum in Kuwait, the World of Knowledge Foundation in the USA, and member of many civil society organizations in Tunisia. He is now a managing partner of a large-scale agriculture operation in Mozambique that is benefiting both people and the planet by providing quality farming, promoting skills development through vocational training, and uplifting rural communities to reduce poverty and improve food security.


  • Head of India Ocean Islands
  • Mauritius
Rajiv is CEO of Trustlink International Limited, a management company specializing in International Tax and Asset Management. He also sits on the board of various big international companies such as the Adani Group, International Terminal Container, Ginsglobal Index Fund. Rajiv is also a Research Adviser for a Singapore University working on financial regulations and investment structuring in Asia and Africa. His main research interests refer to cross-border Investments, Venture Capital and Private Equity Financing, Regulation, Corporate Governance, and Philanthropic Venture Capital, with a Law and finance perspective. Rajiv has authored and edited several articles on international tax and finance. He served as a strategic economic advisor to the President of Madagascar, to the Finance Ministry of Mauritius, and to the economic Minister of Zimbabwe and Cameroun. His graduate courses refer to Investments and Finance Venture Capital Financing. Merchant Banking & Private Equity and Structured Finance.

International Business Development


  • Asia Director
  • Indonesia
Matthew is a business development and finance specialist. A results-oriented leader with a strong track record in business operations and financial management. With a history of enhancing revenue, improving business processes, and executing strategic plans, with expertise in project management, business development, and team leadership. Throughout his career, he has identified niche market segments and developed strategies to enhance revenue growth significantly. He is dedicated to sustainability and passionate about balancing profitability with environmental responsibility. He is fluent in English and Indonesian.


  • Caribbean Region
  • Haiti
Jude is an urban engineer, project management specialist, philanthropist in various areas, and president of the Federation of Salesian past Pupils of Don Bosco in Haiti. Jude Elie possesses a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, a graduate engineering course at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a Master of Science in Urban System Engineering and Management at (NYUPOLY) an Executive MBA from Stonybrook University and a PhD in Political Science from Sorbonne University, France. Throughout his career, Jude Elie has built a solid reputation for excellent collaboration and relationships with clients, owners, the state, municipalities, the private sector, the USA, the UN, diplomats, and other global players. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and French, with intermediate Portuguese.


  • Afrasean Egypt
  • Egypt
Mohamed Zaki has a wealth of experience in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, accumulated over a significant number of years. He has exhibited an admirable track record of fostering business expansion for prominent organizations operating in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Zaki firmly upholds the significance of collaboration and the embrace of diverse cultures as key factors in fostering mutually advantageous partnerships that empower both business and communities. He currently serves as the Chief Business Development Officer at ILA Group, an investment firm specializing in technology startups and disruptive business models. Before joining ILA, Zaki held the position of Group Business Development Officer at AAN Digital (previously known as HITS Telecom). Additionally, he has served as the Executive Vice President at Huawei Telecom Integrated Solution and as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at International Trunkey Systems. His academic credentials include a Master of Business Administration from Bradford University and a Strategic Marketing Management development from Stanford University. He assists a range of technology-based start-ups, supporting them in the formulation of growth strategies and the acquisition of funding.